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continuously innovating

About us

Republic Spine is a unique collaboration of industry professionals that value the importance of surgeon input and feedback. A manufacturer of minimally invasive spinal instrumentation, we have the engineering, quality and regulatory capabilities of a much larger company, but have successfully maintained the responsiveness and communication to our customers that we brought to the market at inception.

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Meet The Team


Andy folse

President & Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Folse is President and Chief Operating Officer for Republic Spine with 25+ years of experience in the spinal implant industry. His previous leadership roles included executive level sales management positions with several major spine companies covering U.S. geographies.


James Doulgeris

Director of Product Development and Quality Systems

Dr. Doulgeris is an expert in Spine Biomechanics and Finite Element Analysis. He has defended his dissertation for a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering and has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. He continues to publish research papers in his spare time; the most recent count being 18 scientific NeuroSpine papers.


Kyle Hutchens


Mr. Hutchens has over 12 years of experience in the medical device industry. He has management level experience in sales, operations, product development, and field support. Kyle earned a BS in Marketing from McMurry University.



national biologics director

Mrs. Juber has over twelve years experience in biologics and medical device sales.  She has worked in the spine industry both as an independent agent as well as a direct sales representative.  She found her niche in specializing in biologics during her tenure in the field.



Republic Spine constantly solicits feedback from spine surgeons treating a wide variety of spinal pathologies. We utilize this feedback to improve on our innovative designs and to create new spine products that focus on ease of use for the surgeon and better patient outcomes.



We listen to the needs of the modern distributor in the areas of spinal instrumentation requirements, training, customer service, and contract/pricing support. In addition, we actively seek new and innovative solutions they can utilize to support our customer surgeons.

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darkstar® pedicle screw system - SURGEON TESTIMONIAL

“As a reconstructive spine surgeon, I'm well-aware of the physical toll inserting perhaps 2,500 screws annually exerts on the surgeon. Personally, I attribute my need for carpal tunnel and A-1 pulley release to the repetitive use engendered by my profession. I have found that Republic Spine’s DarkStar screws, with triple lead thread, allows for accurate and quick insertion, minimizing the stress on my hands, wrist, and lateral epicondyle, while maintaining the tactile feedback sacrificed with power insertion. Aside from my physical comfort, not only does the screw allow for ease of insertion, but the reverse cupped, helical design, maximizes pull out strength, especially important as our population ages, and osteoporosis becomes a more frequent problem.”

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