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Republic Spine's comprehensive orthobiologics portfolio offers a full range of products designed to provide our customers with the tools needed to better treat their patients.  

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RS Form Moldable Viable Allogeneic Bone Matrices.jpg

RS Form™ Moldable Viable Allogeneic Bone Matrices

A natural, 100% tissue scaffold of demineralized cortical bone fibers coupled with chips rich with endogenous bone cells provides an optimal microenvironment for osteogenesis and excellent handling.


 ReStore DBM Sponge/ Cube/Strips  

Demineralized cancellous bone when compressed, the graft will naturally expand back to the original state allowing the graft to fill the contours of the defect space.


Restore MG
Mineralized Fiber Strip

Graft compresses to fill virtually any defect and expands after placement to conform to the defect space.  The naturally porous trabecular bone structure provides a matrix for bony ingrowth while absorbing bioactive fluids, like blood and bone marrow aspirate.


ReStore DBM Crush Mix/Cancellous Chips

Demineralized bone chips and particulates designed to promote bone healing.


Cortical Fibers

100% Demineralized Cortical Bone, creating a malleable porous structure when hydrated with any bioactive agent. The porous matrix provides an excellent osteoconductive scaffold with increased osteoinductive potential based on its larger surface area.


ReStore 100% DBM PUTTY

Comprised of 100% processed cortical bone tissue, with no added carrier, thus maximizing the bone forming potential and designed to resist washing away when irrigated with a pliable consistency for handling.

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